DIGITECHMAN 2017 is a pioneering event being organized in sync with the Government of India’s dream to realize Indigenization through Make in India, Digital India and Start up India by revolutionizing the way the things are manufactured.

It is a Mecca of prominent & magnanimous minds accumulating under one edifice to deliberate on empowering citizens of the country to take on Gal’s vision of making India a developed nation in technology, economy and human development.

DIGITECHMAN 2017 will demonstrate comprehensive array of emerging Technologies, innovations and technological advancements in the area of Digital Manufacturing and smart technologies. Recently Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) has received enormous attention at national & global levels and is Reckoned as state-of-the-art advancements in associative technologies rendered Additive manufacturing to script a new chapter in product development. This technologies such as internet Of things, Robotronics, Reverse Engineering and Creative product design & development and also on tooling, architecture, interior decoration, medical appliances, dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, food, Fashion design and so on so forth to make things easier to conceive and develop.

This event is aimed to bring people across board encompassing students, teaching staff, Faculty , research scholars, working professionals, budding Entrepreneurs, Key decision & Policy Makers in both the institute & industry, medical & dental professionals, architects, interior designers, Defense personnel who are keen to adapt and adopt the emerging technologies to realize the concept Of indigenization & Sustainable development.

DIGITECHMAN 2017 is being organized by Design & Prototyping Centre-a Technology Demonstration centre, ESCI,Hyderabad and is poised to play the role of a fecilitator and collaborator to institutes, Industry and the common man in promoting the technology and technology transfer.