For Exhibitors

Why Exhibit?

Guests / Invitees / Participants / Visitors would be from various areas of engineering, medical and arts disciplines, from various sectors including Premier Academic & Research Institutes, Public Sector Units, Corporates, Industry and Start Ups and from different parts of the country and from neighbouring countries.

The product & services include the start to end stages of any product.

The topics of the conference and expo are the trending concepts which needs exhaustive deliberation for realizing the dreams of every Indian.

With so many interactions now happening in the digital world through social media and business increasingly being conducted virtually, the opportunity to meet with and showcase your services to prospective clients should be viewed as a distinct marketing advantage.

Exhibitions provide a great platform to meet and build relationships with key people in your industry and although social media has revolutionized how we interact, nothing beats the opportunity to market your business face to face and gain qualified leads. Exhibitions can also provide the opportunity to meet new faces and open your business to new markets. According to the results of Exhibit Surveys Inc.’s Trade Show Trends report, 82% of trade show attendees have the power to recommend, specify, and/or make final purchasing decisions. Perhaps more importantly, 49% come to trade shows with purchasing intent.

By exhibiting at a business expo you also have the opportunity to meet a large target audience under one roof and in one day, that could take your sales team a number of months to reach. This saves time and reduces the period required to close a sales lead.

Exhibitions can be costly especially for small businesses however by investing in the short term there is a multitude of long term benefits that can be gained through the development of leads into lucrative, long lasting and loyal relationships.